Patient Rights & Responsibilities

  1. Right to be treated with respect and dignity in a safe and clean environment.
  2. Right to be addressed by your proper name and to be informed about the names of doctors, nurses and healthcare team members involved in your care.
  3. Right to privacy and confidentiality in discussions, examinations and treatments.
  4. Right to clear and understandable explanation of expected outcomes and to participate in your pain management plan.
  5. Right for protection from physical abuse and neglect.
  6. Right to clarify all your doubts before signing the informed consent form.
  7. Right to request for a second opinion and change of doctor.
  8. Right to information on patient conduct and responsibilities; services available at hospital, provision for after hours and emergency care, fee for services; payment policies etc.
  9. Right to make suggestions and express grievances, receive a personal response to same if so requested and to have continued access to care without intimidation, threat, coercion, discrimination and other retaliatory action.
  10. Right to know the expected cost of treatment.
  11. Right to access your health records in confidentiality for your personal information.